MMDVM Calibration

$ sudo pistar-mmdvmcal
The commands are:
    H/h      Display help
    Q/q      Quit
    E/e      Enter frequency (current: 433000000 Hz)
    F        Increase frequency
    f        Decrease frequency
    T        Increase deviation
    t        Decrease deviation
    P        Increase RF power
    p        Decrease RF power
    C/c      Carrier Only Mode
    D/d      DMR Deviation Mode (Adjust for 2.75Khz Deviation)
    M/m      DMR MS 1031 Hz Test Pattern (CC1 ID1 TG9)
    S/s      RSSI Mode
    V/v      Display version of MMDVMCal
    <space>  Toggle transmit

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